Still Life With Sand, Wood, Grass, and Movement (2017)

Somewhere between human and animal, land, sky and dance floor, we find ourselves here.

We listen for when to move, still, fight, work, try, try harder, surrender and stand. A snapshot of effort, discovery, fall and recovery, under a shared big sky, caught in a moment, in a space in between.

Performed at the Sunnyside Bike Park in Toronto.

Choreography Jenn Goodwin in collaboration Anita Nitoly, Elke Schroeder & Sarah Doucet
Performed by Anita Nittoly and Elke Schroeder
Costumes and rehearsal
direction/outside eye
Sarah Doucet
Music Boris, Holy Fuck
Curated by Art Spin- Layne Hinton and Rui Pimenta
Video by Francesca Chudnoff
Thank you The Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Grant and the Art Museum at the University of Toronto