Anita has been a stunt performer, screen actor and stunt double for over a decade, performing in a variety of North American film and television productions.

Stunt Double

During her career as a stunt double, Anita has built up a large repertoire of combat-oriented skills, including martial arts and weapons:

  • Her skills in the fighting arts include boxing, judo, jiu-jitsu, Taekwondo, Wing Chun, Kali, Krav Maga, savate (boxe française), as well as unarmed combat (of the sort portrayed in barroom brawls).
  • She is skilled in the use of traditional weapons, including the rapier and dagger, broadsword and shield, short sword, quarterstaff, and knife fighting; and has practical experience with firearms, blank firing devices and Airsoft guns.

In addition to her stunt work on screen, Anita has performed motion capture for video games.

Anita has also helped many A-List actors prepare to perform their own actions in front of the camera.

The job of a stunt double is to perform dangerous actions on behalf of an actor—such as stair falls, wire gags and high performance driving—while maintaining the illusion that all actions are carried out by the same character on screen.

As a stunt double, an important part of Anita’s process is what she terms “the art of mimicry,” whereby she quickly learns to copy the body language of the actors she stands in for to create a seamless transition between her work and theirs on screen.

Stunt Coordination

Anita continues to expand her career by having taken on the role of stunt coordinator.

Anita’s Stunt Coordinator Credits

  • The Castrationsists (Without Pictures, Inc) 2021
  • Mind Fudge: Episode 5 “Dissues” (CBC Gem) 2018
  • One More Time: Episode 103/104 *Cover Coordinator (One More Time Productions Inc.) 2023
  • The Level (Hawko Productions Inc.) 2023
  • Format (Format Productions) 2023;
  • Christmas Casanova (CME Autumn Productions Inc) 2023
  • Little Wars (GraceMoon Arts Company) 2019
  • Ce Monde-Là (YouTheatre) 2022

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent Trailer

That’s Anita performing the car hit stunt in this trailer for the latest iteration of the venerable Law & Order television series. Check it out ›

Mind Fudge Episode 5, "Dissues"

“I choreographed this fight sequence with the help of my stunt colleague, Jennifer Murray — we had the creative help of kitchen utensils and a fun narrative to work with. Both actors were extremely talented and capable and managed to retain and perform the choreography without hesitation!” – Anita Nittoly

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