About Anita

“What’s meant for you won’t pass you by.” This personal philosophy has guided Anita along her career in film and on the stage, which has progressed naturally from one opportunity to the next by saying “yes” to each one.

Engaging in competitive dance in her youth put Anita on a path toward drama through the Acting for Film and Television program at Humber College. That, in turn, lead to her certification in stage combat, the adjudication process of which got her started in stunt work for film and television. Anita then made the natural progression from stunt performer to fight director and intimacy coordinator.

Her unique blend of film and theatre backgrounds has enabled Anita to adapt her cinematic skills for the stage and her theatrical skills on set. She is ever mindful of the viewer’s perspective, whether that be a live audience or the camera’s eye. Furthermore, thanks to Anita’s background in dance, with a focus on the body’s movements, she can intuit the limits and uniqueness of how the actors with whom she works move, making her an effective physical acting coach.

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Anita Nittoly