Closer (2019)

A dance in public space for this post / not-so-post #metoo moment.

Through forward motion (and some hard steps back), solidarity and connectivity are used as choreographic tools of propulsion and expression. Employing depth of field through a feminist lens, we see a group of individuals in something together . There is some progress, and yet it is incomplete, complex and never enough. CLOSER is an exasperated, timely response.

Part of the SummerWorks Lab programming – a place for exploration, experimentation, and process. In the Lab, you can experience new works in development from artists exploring new possibilities in performance.

Directed and Choreographed by Jenn Goodwin in collaboration with Sarah Doucet
Performers Lua Shayenne, Brandy Leary, Ravyn Wingz, Anita Nittoly, Diana Reyes (aka Fly Lady Di), Francesca Chudnoff
Costumes Sarah Doucet
Sound Paul Shepherd and Valerie Calam
Company Vice Versa
Images Guntar Kravis
Video Ryan Faubert
Alternate Video Sara Thomas Moffat