Closer (2022)

Part of Summerworks Public Works programming – bringing artists and audiences together in the public sphere to experience our city in new ways.

CLOSER is inspired by both empowered and oppressive experiences of women. The work points to some level of progress through the performers determined presence, and yet this progress is incomplete and continuously at risk. This project uses forward motion and depth of field to explore concepts around solidarity, justness, the feminization of space, and a myriad of related experiences from resilience, vulnerability, protection, radiance, anger and exhaustion.

Moving together, intentionally, forward and in numbers, the work asks that we look closely and compassionately at ourselves, each other, truth, change, and in turn action. It calls for equity in our public and private spaces, so that all women can be safe, empowered and can shine in the spaces they inhabit.

At this time in the pandemic, what does it mean to be closer? How CLOSE can we be? To ourselves and each other. What are our boundaries and our needs for both connection and protection? CLOSER employs movement as a tool for engagement, connection, and clear seeing. Looking closer. Not looking away. Together.

Created by Jenn Goodwin
Co-Choreographed by Jenn Goodwin & Sarah Doucet
Performers Francesca Chudnoff, Esie Mensah, Kate Nankervis, Anita Nittoly, Danah Rosales, Carina Reeves, Sarah Shugarman, and Jenn Goodwin
Rehearsal Direction & Costume Design Sarah Doucet
Music improvised and performed by Sarah Shugarman and Carina Reeves
Artistic Producer Briana Brown
Video by Jahmal Nugent
Photos by Jahmal Nugent and Andrew Williamson
Thank you Toronto Arts Council, Laura Nanni, Neville Quinlan, Zita Nyarady, Wei Qing Tan, the SummerWorks team and all the alleyway neighbours